Posted at 26 July 2021


This adds to the evidence of robustness obtained with dietary supplementation of such ingredients previously demonstrated with marine shrimp and fish.


The latest aquaculture production statistics published for 2018 (FAO, 2020) showed that the global supply of the striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) was around 2.3 million tonnes. Vietnam is the largest supplier of this fish with a projected harvest of 1.56 million tonnes in 2021 (Ha, 2021). Since 2020, the impact of COVID-19 weakened the demand of this fish from its largest markets, US, Europe and China – keeping the per kg farm gate prices heavily depressed, ranging from VND17,500 (USD0.76) to VND19,000 (USD0.82). This reduction in demand had producers reportedly losing around VND3,500 (USD0.15) to VND5,000 (USD0.22) per kg of fish (FAO, 2021).


Throughout the striped catfish production cycle, the nursery phase in earthen ponds, where day-old larvae are reared to 30g animals, is the most difficult and crucial phase for farmers, with mortality rates surpassing 90% from pathogenic infections brought in from the hatchery, from starvation due to overstocking, and from poor feed quality and feed management (Alban Caratis, pers. comm., April 2, 2021).


Functional hydrolysates from Diana Aqua’s ACTIPAL range are designed to enhance feed palatability, feed efficiency and the overall health status of animals through bioactive peptides. The synergic effect of water soluble free amino acids, short peptide chains, bioactive peptides, and acidifiers brings out the optimal flavour of the feed, stimulating the taste buds and modulating metabolic pathways of the aquatic animals. This stimulation triggers a series of physiological and endocrinal responses, preparing the digestive system to properly digest the feed, modulate the microbiota in the gut, and enhance the immune system.


By Fabio Soller, Paul Seguin, Mikael Herault, Vincent Fournier, Nguyen Van Trieu and Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa


July/August 2021 AQUA Culture Asia Pacific


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