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Symrise Aqua Feed scientifically proves the performance of developed functional ingredients and palatants for all major aquaculture species. We can demonstrate palatability, health, and nutritional benefits for each of our ingredients, evaluating them in our own Aqualis testing centers and across our worldwide network of partner facilities.

We use advanced testing facilities and specific protocols to assess products on common zootechnical indicators such as survival, feed intake, growth rate, and feed conversion. Advanced molecular biology and histological tools are implemented to understand the mode of actions of our products on physiological and immune parameters and demonstrate product bioactivity. 


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Discover our 3 Aqualis performance measurement centers

Aqualis testing center in ThailandPlay video


Species: White Shrimp, Tilapia, Asian Seabass 
Number of trials: 30-40 per year

Aqualis testing center in France


Species: European Seabass 
Number of trials: 15-25 per year

Aqualis testing center in Latin America


Species: White Shrimp 
Number of trials: 5 per year

Our pilot and analytical equipment

Our commitment to innovation extends to our state-of-the-art pilot equipment, facilitating the hydrolysis, concentration, and drying processes with technology that ensures precision and efficiency at every stage of production. 

We employ advanced analytical equipment, including tools for viscosity, granulometry, texture, peptide profile, aromatic profile, and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR). This comprehensive suite enables us to precisely tailor product formulation and processing, ensuring optimal consistency, digestibility, and nutritional profiles for various aquaculture species, and reinforcing our commitment to high performance and sustainability. 


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