Symrise Aqua Feed experts continuously improve and demonstrate product performance.

Our expertise and the performance of our nutritional and functional ingredients and palatants are scientifically proven for all the major aquaculture species, offering reliable results based on your formulating goals.

Our people

Our team’s complementary expertise: raw materials processing, animal nutrition, animal physiology, data analysis/statistics, and zootechnics.



Our technology

We are experts in the protein hydrolysis process and in characterizing protein hydrolysates (peptide profile and biological activities), which means we can help you make the most of the raw protein material in your aquafeeds. 

Hydrolysis process

Our controlled enzymatic hydrolysis process allows us to modulate temperature, pH, time, and enzymes to yield the maximum amount of free amino acids and bioactive peptides from the raw material. 

Peptide profiles

Our ability to analyze peptide profiles in-house through protein hydrolysate characterization enables a very high level of product standardization, guaranteeing consistent performance from batch to batch – a unique advantage that can improve your products and differentiate your brand. 

Taste, Nutrition, & Health benefits

We demonstrate the palatability, health, and nutritional benefits of each of our ingredients through product performance evaluations in our own testing facilities and across our global network of partner facilities. 

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