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Shrimp hydrolysates for juvenile | Functional ingredients | Article July 17, 2024

A unique shrimp-derived hydrolysate boosting growth and health performance of larvae and juvenile carnivorous fish

— Shrimp hydrolysate is the perfect candidate to supply high levels of bioactive peptides to larvae and juvenile fish feed formula. Its high level of standardization and characterization, as well as its performance, demonstrated in nine different carnivorous fish species make it what should be the preferred solution to boost growth and health performance in…

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Marine hydrolysates for omnivorous fish | Functional ingredients | Scientific publication March 15, 2024

The Potential of Fish Protein Hydrolysate Supplementation in Nile Tilapia Diets: Effects on Growth and Health Performance, Disease Resistance, and Farm Economic Analysis

— Fish Protein Hydrolysate supplementation in Nile tilapia diets improved their growth performance, feed utilization, health status, disease resistance, and farm economic efficiency.

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Marine hydrolysates for omnivorous fish | Functional ingredients | Scientific publication February 1, 2024

Ameliorative Effects of Different Dietary Levels of Fish Protein Hydrolysate (FPH) on Growth and Reproductive Performance, Feed Stability, Tissues Biochemical Composition, Haematobiochemical Profile, Liver Histology, and Economic Analysis of Pabda

— Fish protein hydrolsyate is suitable and beneficial for O. pabda broodstock development in captivity by improving growth and reproductive performance, overall health, and farm economics.

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Shrimp hydrolysates for juvenile | Marine hydrolysates for omnivorous fish | Functional ingredients | Article January 24, 2024

‘You are what you eat’: Enhancing fish gut health for optimal feed performance

— The consolidation of 16 trials conducted on red seabream demonstrates the potential of marine protein hydrolysates to enhance gut health in marine fish species, leading to a significant improvement in feed assimilation.

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