Innovation is at the heart of Symrise Aqua Feed's mission to contribute to the development of the aquaculture feed industry.

As specialists in developing, testing, and manufacturing sustainable ingredients and palatability enhancers, we are paving the way for a new era of environmentally responsible aquaculture.


Elevating products

At Symrise Aqua Feed, we develop innovative, high-performance products that meet market expectations, with comprehensive testing to prove their benefits when used in a wide range of quality aquafeeds.

Our mission?

To craft our advanced products, we continually create fine-tuned solutions built to satisfy the evolving demands of our clients and their customers. 

Our expertise

  • Technology: our expertise in the protein hydrolysis process and in the characterization of protein hydrolysates (peptide profile and biological activities) enables us to make the most of protein’s potential as a raw material. 

  • Product performance evaluation: we demonstrate the taste, nutrition and health benefits of each of our ingredients, evaluating them in our own testing facilities and in a global network of partner facilities. 


Our resources

  • Aqualis, Symrise Aqua Feed’s performance and measurement centers, deliver in-house palatability and nutrition assessment of our products for fish and shrimp 

  • Our worldwide network of testing facilities allows us to assess our products’ health benefits   

  • Our pilot and analytical equipment facilitates hydrolysis, concentration, drying processes and analysis of resulting product peptide profiles



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