Actipal™ for shrimp is Symrise Aqua Feed’s premium liquid functional hydrolysate designed for use in aquafeeds encouraging high feed intake, supporting stress and pathogen resistance, enhancing feed efficiency, and enabling strong growth.

Our development and qualification process guarantees a standardized product, so you can deliver consistent feed performance throughout the life cycle of shrimp.   

Functional hydrolysates from our Actipal™ range help enhance feed palatability, digestibility, and animal health by taking advantage of the synergic effects of water-soluble free amino acids, short peptide chains, and bioactive peptides.  

In manufacturing these well-characterized functional ingredients, we use fresh by-products from local processing plants, carefully selected for unique nutritional quality and overall appeal. 

Why choose our marine hydrolysate for shrimp?

  • Helps encourage high feed intake throughout the rearing cycle, even in the face of stressful events or changes in feed formula 
  • Supports strong resistance to stress and pathogens, leading to better health and survival 
  • Offers improved feed efficiency and growth potential 
  • Made in our factory in Ecuador & Thailand 
  • Raw material: locally sourced, 100% marine side-stream, carefully selected for their unique nutritional profile and superior attractiveness 
  • Process: Core hydrolysis process guarantees a consistent level of free amino acids and bioactive peptides 
  • Color: brown 

Use as a cost-effective alternative solution to fish meal or other raw materials, or as a performance booster in premium or early-stage feed ranges. 

Can be applied by feed manufacturers by inclusion, or by shrimp farmers as a coating. 



Jul 20, 2022

A functional protein hydrolysate to support better shrimp performance

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May 20, 2022

Marine protein hydrolysates as a substitute of squid-liver powder in diets for Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

Marine hydrolysates for shrimp | Functional ingredients | Scientific publication

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