Nutri™ fish oil offers a high-quality and sustainable source of energy, produced using fresh-fish side streams from aquaculture and fisheries. 

Processed in our own plant, Nutri fish oil comes with the Symrise Aqua Feed guarantee for sustainable and traceable raw materials, gentle processing, and workforce social welfare aligned with today’s global standards.

Why choose our fish oil?

Nutri™ fish oil can help improve the environmental footprint of your feed, by including a sustainable source of fish oil coming from only certified fish side streams. 

  • Made in our factory in Costa Rica 
  • Raw material: locally sourced, 100% side-stream fish from aquaculture and fisheries 
  • Color: yellow-orange 

Can be used in fish and shrimp feeds as well as in terrestrial animal feeds and pet food. 

Use according to the nutritional requirements of the species by which the feed will be consumed.  

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