Palatability benefits for fish and shrimp

Symrise Aqua Feed’s unique expertise in species-specific formulations helps fish and shrimp farmers address challenges like nutritional, environmental or husbandry stresses, enabling optimal results.

Stimulating fish and shrimp appetite

in stressful rearing conditions 

when fed low-fish-meal diets 

when fed variable-quality diets 

when fed medicated diets 

More palatability for aquafeed

Our protein hydrolysates and palatability enhancers guarantee high feed palatability for farmed fish and shrimp. Free amino acids and short chain peptides, associated with other proprietary palatable compounds, trigger specific taste receptors in animals. This boosts feeding behavior, increasing the amount of feed ingested to help improve growth performance and animal welfare.

Specific solutions for each species

Multi-species testing capabilities combined with our expertise in feed palatability measurement make Symrise Aqua Feed unique in our ability to create species-specific solutions.  

Palatability enhancers

Our palatability enhancers

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