Symrise Aqua Feed was created to develop palatability solutions during the industry’s reduction of fish meal use in salmon feed.

Reducing fish meal in favor of alternative plant-based proteins was part of an effort in the early 2000s to limit the quantity of wild fish necessary to supply the aquaculture industry. Because quality fish meal was the main driver of feed intake, the alternative proteins required palatability enhancers to maintain the correct feed intake by salmon. 

Diana Group, a world leader in organoleptic and nutritional solutions based on natural ingredients for human and pet foods, responded to the need by extending its expertise towards aquaculture in 2006. The firm began building its aquaculture branch by hiring a PhD expert in fish nutrition as head of R&D and rapidly setting up a unique network of testing centers where all products’ performance could be evaluated and verified. 

Working with marine protein hydrolysates while creating robust protocols for our performance measurement centers, Diana teams began to measure health benefits delivered by specific hydrolysate profiles in shrimp and fish feed. A business model combining palatability enhancers and specific bioactive peptides made its market debut with the creation of the ActiPal range. 

Aquativ was born! 

Building on Diana’s financial, scientific, technical, and industrial network resources, Aquativ quickly expanded globally, developing functional hydrolysates in liquid and powder forms from various sources of marine raw materials.  

In 2016, Aquativ changed its name to Diana Aqua; in 2022, Diana Aqua announced the change to Symrise Aqua Feed. 

Today, Symrise Aqua Feed is part of Symrise’s Taste, Nutrition, & Health segment, using the Symrise Group’s global capabilities to provide advanced natural health and well-being solutions for the human food, pet food, and aquafeed industries. 

Our team of experts continues to rely on aquaculture’s related sciences – including fish and shrimp nutrition and health – to deliver top-performing ingredients to the aquaculture industry. 

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