Actipal™, our complete range of standardized functional hydrolysates for palatability, nutrition and health.

Hydrolyzed proteins offer aquafeed manufacturers and their customers performance, animal health, and feed efficiency benefits for high-performance fish and shrimp diets. Symrise Aqua Feed uses batch reactors to standardize the hydrolysis process, breaking down marine proteins into free amino acids and large peptides with various bioactive properties. Our hydrolysis processes are driven by targeted benefits like appetite regulation, immunity, protein synthesis, and many more.


Free amino acids increase the attractiveness and palatability of the feed to animals and help increase feed intake. 


Marine bioactive peptides have a direct effect on key biological mechanisms such as immunomodulators, anti-microbials, and hormone-like growth factor peptides. This leads to higher resistance to stress and pathogens, resulting in an improvement of animal health and survival. Our excellent control of the hydrolysis process allows us to deliver a stable peptidic profile, batch after batch, for replicable results. 


In addition to animal feed intake improvement and health benefits, our hydrolyzed proteins, characterized by their high content in low molecular weight peptides and free amino acids, quickly cross the intestinal membrane, improving feed efficiency and growth rate.  

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