Posted at 31 July 2018


Key is a highly standardized ingredient to benefit farmers and feed manufacturers.

Functional protein hydrolysates combine many benefits that can help feed manufacturers and farmers improve their farm performances. One of the key words associated with such a functional ingredient is “standardization” which reaches today a high level thanks to a very strict control of the manufacturing process as well as the right specifications of the finished product. This sets up a new standard in the world of functional ingredients, and in particular that of the protein hydrolysates.

In this article, we documented how Diana Aqua focuses on the three main benefits (palatability, nutrition and health) of functional protein hydrolysates in different fish and shrimp species, through collaboration with universities or on behalf of trials conducted in its own facilities.

By Fabio Soller, Vincent Fournier and Paul Seguin

July/August 2018 AQUA Culture Asia Pacific Magazine

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