Posted at 02 December 2019


It is now well established that the production of protein hydrolysates requires high expertise in the hydrolysis process and very specific analytical capabilities to guarantee standardized production of hydrolysate peptide profiles which give consistent performance in fish and shrimp growth.

Understanding the mode of action of functional protein hydrolysates is very important to better characterise the benefits of such functional ingredients and to help end users to better understand what they are buying and why. During the last 5 years, Diana Aqua has conducted many research studies to understand how dietary protein hydrolysates module animal behaviour and methabolism.

This article reviews the three main benefits of Aquativ hydrolysates for the aquaculture industry. The modes of action are discussed, based on results from our latest findings.

by Dr Fabio Soller, Michael Herault and Dr Vincent Fournier.


November-December 2019 AQUA Culture Asia Pacific


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