Posted at 29 October 2019


While feed appearance and feeding activity will determine the farmers' choice, the aquafeed producer will seek hydrolysates with high stardardisation to ensure high and consistent quality feed.

Variable supply and quality, unsustainability issues and volatile prices of marine resources are daily routine challenges for feed manufacturers. They have to grapple also with inconsistency of feed cosmetic (smell and colour) and feed performance (palatability and feed efficiency) which have direct consequences on marketing and sales success.

In an article published in the January/February issue of Aqua Culture Asia Pacific magazine, we detailed how functional hydrolysates made by Diana Aqua could support the development of the next generation of aquaculture feeds in terms of standardisation and performance consistency. Beside the contribution of functional hydrolysate to a sustainable development of aquaculture, our product is recognized for its high palatability, high digestibility and positive effect on immune system that will bring benefits to the feed manufacturers (flexibility in feed formulation) as well as to the farmers (higher and standardised production).

By Paul Seguin and Clement Martineau

September / October issue of Aqua Culture Asia Pacific magazine


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