Posted at 12 May 2020

Diana Aqua invites you to attend its upcoming webinar on May 19th.

Given the unprecedented situation we face today, it is more important than ever to make the fish and shrimp industry profitable. Thus, improving feed performance and optimizing formulas will become a necessity.

Functional cutting-edge hydrolysates can make it happen through palatability, health and nutrition enhancement. It is well established that the production of protein hydrolysate requires high expertise in the hydrolysis process  and years of studies to develop the perfect product. Similarly, understanding the mode of actions of functional hydrolysates on metabolisms is mandatory to help feed manufacturers and farmers to conceive the ways to use functional hydrolysates and the benefits claimed. 

What can you expect from this webinar:

  • Know more about what are the health, intake and nutrition benefits you can expect from functional cutting-edge hydrolysates in fish and shrimp,
  • How they act on fish and shrimp metabolisms,
  • Why mastering the hydrolysis process is crucial to ensuring the production of standardized cutting-edge protein hydrolysates

During this Webinar, we  offer to share with you our 10 years of expertise on this topic aimed at helping you grow in such an uncertain environment.


This Webinar will be presented in Spanish by Dr Fabio Soller, Diana Aqua Technical Director for Asia Pacific.

Dr Fabio Soller is a biologist with a PhD in Aquaculture from Auburn University, USA.

His experience in aquaculture spans close to 2 decades with fish and shrimp in Brazil and USA, working with tilapia, catfish, pacu, tambaqui, arapaima, sturgeon and vannamei shrimp. Dr Soller has had researcher roles at the National Institute of the Amazon (INPA, Brazil), Auburn University, Cargill, Inc., and Oceanic Institute of Hawai’i Pacific University (USA).

Nowadays he lives in Thailand holding the Technical Director position for the Asia-Pacific region within Diana Aqua, also managing Aqualis Thailand, Diana Aqua’s aquaculture research center.


Dr Fabio Soller during our Pepti'Day 2019 in Bangkok

This webinar will take place on Tuesday, May 19, at:

  • 4pm, Costa Rica
  • 5pm, Ecuador
  • 6pm, Chile


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