Posted at 01 June 2021

World Ocean Day is held every 8th June to raise awareness of the vital importance of our ocean and the role it plays in sustaining a healthy planet.

World Ocean Day is held every 8th June to raise awareness of the vital importance of our ocean and the role it plays in sustaining a healthy planet.

No matter where we live, we all need a healthy ocean to survive and thrive. The ocean generates most of the oxygen we breathe, helps us feed and regulates climate. 80 % of life on earth is found in the ocean and fish provides about 3.3 billion people with almost 20 % of their average per capita intake of animal protein.

The ocean is suffering: decline of the biodiversity, overfishing and resource scarcity, chemical pollution, macro plastics affecting directly marine animals, micro plastics affecting health. By protecting our ocean, we also protect our climate and our future.

This is an emergency, for our children.

Join us in protecting our ocean! Together, we can make a positive impact!



Improving the global footprint of Aquaculture

Still today, 30 % of food is wasted every year. For marine resources as well, a third of the global harvest is lost every year. At Symrise Nutrition, we believe that every single part of biological sources must be transformed into high value products. 

Increasing our plastic recycling

Our strong commitment to reduce plastic consumption is helping to reduce ocean pollution.

Symrise Nutrition objectives on Waste by 2025:

  • - 4% of waste per ton of finished product
  • > 95% of the recycled plastic, to be recycled when local capacity is available



FIFO at the heart of aquaculture growth challenge

Fish In / Fish Out is the amount of fish caught in the ocean versus the amount of fish harvested. Diana Aqua is at the cutting edge of this issue, allowing 2 to 3 times better efficiency of the same raw material. For instance, our products help reduce "fish in" while maximizing "fish out".

Diana Aqua products help minimize FIFO, thus contributing to reduce pressure on marine resources:

Example for salmon fed with shrimp side-stream product


Circular economy is our core business model.

The concern about sustainability starts at the very first step of the product design: our products are manufactured from 100% side-stream raw material.

Virtuous model for a sustainable aquaculture: feeding fish aquaculture with shrimp aquaculture OR feeding shrimp aquaculture with fish aquaculture:



How do Diana Aqua solutions improve the performance of fish farms, while reducing the footprint on the environment? 

  • Palatability: ensures high feed consumption while reducing feed waste.
  • Nutrition: improves the whole feed digestibility to reduce the release of non digested feed in the environment and improve FIFO.
  • Health: Bioactive compounds improve fish and shrimp resistance to stressful events, increasing survival and helping reduce chemotherapeutics use.


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