Posted at 29 October 2019

Optimizing utilization of Feed Ingredients and Additives for Sustainable Aquaculture

The 11th Regional Aquafeed Forum (RAF) was hosted by the Institute of Aquaculture Nha Trang University in collaboration with Research Institutes for Aquaculture n° 1, N° 2 and N° 3; universities including Nong Lam University, Can Tho University and Vietnam National University of Agriculture (VNUA).


In that context, Dr Fabio Soller, Technical Director APAC for Diana Aqua, held a conference on 26th September on "The importance of Functional Marine Hydrolysates in modern aquafeed"

In aquaculture production, the natural live foods that animals usually consume from their environment are replaced by dry commercial pellets. With this transition, many essential functional nutrients not present or lost in traditional feed ingredients such as soluble proteins, small size peptides, cholesterol, taurine, etc. are often overlooked during feed formulation. These vital nutrients even in very small quantities, when brought back into the feed provide to the animals a more palatable diet leading to better growth, better FCR, better survival and also crucial immune system improvements.

A variety of research trials conducted in fish and shrimp that prove the benefits of Diana Aqua functional marine hydrolysates on palatability, production performance and health status of the animals were presented on this occasion. Also, a comparison with conventional marine-based products available in the market (i.e. solubles, meals, and silages) were portrayed on production performance, health benefits and safety.


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