All along the aquaculture value chain, Symrise Aqua Feed commits to yield the best benefits from natural marine resources.

Thus, because we do not compromise with our social and environmental responsibilities, we operate to deliver the most sustainable and performing solutions to our customers.


Our business model, sustainable by nature

Our natural raw material is collected from our suppliers of the fish & shrimp food industry.
We valorize the co-product while managing high quality standards.

Responsible supply
•    Our sourcing policy is defined by our principles of ethical, social and sustainable development
•    We require from our suppliers their full commitment
Quality standards & food safety
•    We apply a rigorous selection of our suppliers
•    Our full supply chain is traceable and documented
•    Our raw materials are secured through suppliers’ agreement

Around 60% of fish and shrimp co-products (viscera, heads, bones) are generated from the human food industry.
We collect these co-products and transform them into highly performing solutions.

Responsible supply
•    100% of our raw material comes from co-product
•    Our raw material is locally sourced
Quality standards & food safety
•    We guarantee high quality and freshness
•    Our raw material complies to strict specifications
•    We rigorously control temperature, hygiene and storage time from collection to usage

Over the years, we have developed a worldwide recognized expertise in hydrolysis process technologies to yield the best benefits from marine raw material.
But our commitments towards sustainability also focus on our industrial activity to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our positive social impact.

Yielding the best value from nature
•    We transform our raw materials into highly functional ingredients
•    We are able to adjust the hydrolysis for targeted species and specific benefits

Quality standards & food safety
•    All of our products are food safety guaranteed through certifications
•    Their standardization is validated through accurate control plans

•    We closely monitor our main environmental impacts
•    We have set for ourselves ambitious objectives of reduction for waste, water quality, GHG emission and energy consumption

Care for people
•    We ensure full safety for all our employees, and we follow-up corporate KPIs
•    We animate social program for our employees and local communities

Sustainable marine ingredients, consistent and standardized products, stable supply and prices are key elements for our customers.

Reducing pressure on marine resources
The use of our functional hydrolysates enables to reduce fish meal in aqua feeds, contributing to the development of more sustainable feeds. It also allows using new sustainable proteins sources.

The inclusion of our functional hydrolysates in aqua feeds helps improve feed utilization and enhance fish resistance to environmental challenges, contributing to the sustainable development of aquaculture.
Farming improvement
•    Optimizing feed utilization (FCR) and growth rate (SGR)
•    Reducing fish mortality

Environment preservation
•    Waste reduction thanks to higher product digestibility
•    Reduction of medicines thanks to better fish and shrimp health


Symrise Aqua Feed's mission is to promote a sustainable aquaculture with a strong consideration of quality and safety criteria.
Such guarantees are supported by certifications such as GMP+, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Marine Trust and ISO45001.

Our Commitments

Acting as a responsible and trustworthy Partner, we embed our strategy on 4 commitments:

  • Innovation and science, to reach excellence
  • Quality and feed safety, to nourish our customers’ and consumers’ trust
  • Safety and well-being at work, for the respect of people
  • Environment protection, for the preservation of our resources

We also encourage our suppliers to follow the same principles of ethical, social and sustainable development.


Download Symrise Aqua Feed QHSE commitments


Download our suppliers' Responsible Sourcing Agreement Letter






Our Corporate Social Responsibility approach is funded on four pillars: Footprint, Innovation, Sourcing and Care totally aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Symrise fully and actively supports the UN SDGs.

Part of Symrise Nutrition, we have embedded our Sustainability Agenda within Symrise goals.

Symrise Nutrition roadmap to 2025


Minimize environmental footprint along the value chain
  • Climate protection
    - 4%
        Energy consumption per year
    - 5,6%  CO2 emissions per year
  • Process improvement
    - 4% Water consumption per year
  • Environment protection
    - 4% Waste per year of waste per ton of finished products


Maximize positive social & environmental impacts of our products
  • 100% of new products assessed according to environmental criteria
  • 12% of total sales from new products (relative to market launch in the past 3 years)
  • 100% of our ideation project with sustainability criteria


Maximize the sustainability of our supply chain and raw materials
  • 100% of Responsible Sourcing Agreement letter signed by the suppliers
  • Ethical risk assessment done on 100% of our strategic sourcing


Improve wellbeing in our stakeholder communities


  • Accident frequency rate < 1.5 (number of lost time injuries for every million hours worked)

Employer of Choice

  • 100% employees covered at the right level defined according to local standards and best practices
  • 1 initiative on health per site per year
  • 100% of our sites Sedex registered
  • 100% of employees informed of Symrise Code of Conduct