The Extrapal™ range has been designed as a palatability enhancer (PE) to enhance feed palatability guarantying feed intake consistency along the whole rearing cycle.

Using a PE gives you peace of mind while formulating

  • To be less dependent on animal proteins and allowing more novel and plants ingredients
    -> PE helps you to keep focus on nutrition

… securing a high level of feed intake

  • To adapt to fluctuations of your raw materials quality, prices and availability
  • To safeguard from bitter or deterrent feed tastes (medicated, oxidation, …)
    -> PE helps the fish to adapt to a new diet or formulation changes

Shorter cycles or larger fish

Using a PE will make your feed a higher performer

  • PE helps fish to get back to optimal feed intake after stressing events: transfer, sampling, size grading, vaccination, predator attacks, diseases, water quality changes (temperature, DO,...)
  • PE improves fish size homogeneity