How to reach performance? The main challenge for feed manufacturers

Our sector moves quickly and feed formulation concepts are changing. The main challenge for feed manufacturers is to reach sustainable high feed performance despite modern diet formulation issues such as marine raw material scarcity and volatile prices. That is why meeting fish and shrimp farming performance expectations is increasingly demanding.

Symrise Aqua Feed solutions




Protein solubility
*of the protein


Peptides <1000Da
*of the protein

Marine Proteins, our answer

Marine raw materials remain essential components of the feed for many farmed species or at certain physiological stages. Yet, we know that their total substitution is tricky and hardly ever goes without adverse effects on performances.

In our functional hydrolysates, you find a standardized and highly concentrate of irreplaceable nutrients at levels of concentration and bioavailability unmatched in the market.

This near perfect bioavailability allows matching the requirements in essential nutrients of all aquatic species