More palatability for aquafeed

Beside their remarkable digestibility, our protein hydrolysates and ingredients present enhanced palatability for farmed fish and shrimp. Short chain peptides of specific sequences trigger specific taste receptors in fish and shrimp, encouraging the ingestion of feed.

Stimulating fish and shrimp appetite

Because we are able to source diverse raw materials, driving the peptide profiles, we develop and manufacture products specifically able to stimulate fish and shrimp taste receptors.

Specific solutions for each species

Our testing capabilities in different species, our scientific and industrial expertise allow creating species-specific solutions. These unique assets make us the world leader in addressing fish and shrimp feed palatability.

Our palatability solutions can be the most adequate answer to several constraints currently faced by aquaculture industries.
In fish and shrimp, soluble peptides influence the taste perception and contribute to appetite regulation pathways.