ACTIPAL™ solutions enhance your aquafeed’s performance thanks to their unique peptide profile providing combined benefits on health, nutrition and feed intake.

How? Through a cutting-edge technology

To produce our functional hydrolysates, we use our Symrise cutting edge technology of enzymatic hydrolysis developed over years of R&D in marine fresh raw material processing. Actipal’s secrets of success are its peptide profile characterization guarantying product standardization, as well as its performance demonstration in fish and shrimp in our testing centers.

Boosting all feed performance

Our ACTIPAL portfolio:

  • Tilapia or shrimp hydrolysate powder
  • Tuna hydrolysate liquid or mix of tuna/squid
  • Combination of hydrolysate and oil

covers every type of aquafeed, at every life stages of fish and shrimp, grown in any conditions.


Scientifically proven performance

We, at Symrise Aqua Feed, are the only ingredient manufacturer rigorously demonstrating the performance of our products. Our scientific documentation proving the performance of bioactive peptides is sound and robust on all the major aquaculture species such as tilapia, salmonids, shrimp, trout and marine fish.