Answering all your needs with a large range of taylor-made solutions

Symrise Aqua Feed supplies aqua feed manufacturers with natural and sustainable ingredients in liquids and powders that enhance fish and shrimp feed performance and optimize farm results.

Our ranges offer a large extended portfolio of innovative solutions, developed by our global and local experts.

A unique combination of health, nutritional and feed intake benefits

Our solutions provide high digestibility allowing a better accuracy and formulation flexibility for nutritionist 


The precise design of our marine protein hydrolysates yields an outstanding palatability for farmed fish and shrimp.


Our products naturally enhance fish and shrimp ability to resist biological and environmental challenges.


Extrapal™ products

Today we are proud to offer to the industry a stable and always performing palatability enhancer at an affordable cost for all range including Grower Feed

Actipal™ products

A cutting-edge generation of Functional Hydrolysates specifically designed to improve animal health and boost feed performance.
Our ingredients present a high concentration of low molecular weight compounds such as specific peptides, free amino-acids and nucleotides generated by our hydrolysis bioprocess drive performance.


Nutri products

Our Specialties ingredients consist in highly standardized Solubles, Meals and Oils essentially used for their high nutritional values in the feed diet.


All that nature can provide: a wide diversity of raw materials

Our truly unique raw material diversity and process mastery mean that we are able to offer a large choice of powders and liquids meeting all modern fish and shrimp diets’ challenges.