Posted at 02 June 2022

At Symrise, we celebrate World Ocean Day to remind us that the oceans play a key role in our lives. We believe it is crucial to raise public awareness of their fundamental place in our ecosystem and the negative effects of human activity on them.


Covering 70% of the Earth's surface, the oceans play a real role as lungs, producing more than 50% of the oxygen we breathe. Home to most of the planet's biodiversity, it is the main source of protein for over a billion people[1].

In this respect, Oceans absorb about 30% of carbon dioxide produced by humans, buffering the impacts of global warming.

That’s the reason why we are committed to the protection of the oceans in the APAC region through our Symrise Pet Food and Symrise Aqua Feed plants in Thailand.


The Zero Plastic project was born from a simple observation:

  • The APAC region is generating 60%  of the world's mismanaged managed plastic waste. 
  • In addition, it is important for us to anticipate restrictions on the consumption of single-use plastics and the use of microplastics by 2030, by raising awareness among all our employees.

Based on this observation, our site in Thailand wanted to drive the reduction of plastic waste in its area.



Zero Plastic project

At Symrise Pet Food and Aqua Feed in Thailand, we have implemented a big change in our plastic consumption, which is mostly used in our packaging.

For instance, we have increased the capacity of our IBCs for the transportation of our products, which has allowed us to save 9% of plastic per ton of product delivered. Also, we now ensure deliveries by wooden pallets instead of plastic pallets.

Now, a crucial step is to involve our partners in this ecological transition. In this perspective, we increased awareness among all partners. As an example, we are engaging our customers to switch from small to bigger packaging when it is possible.


Partnering with Second Life

Second Life is a social enterprise committed to giving a “Second Life” to plastic waste. As part of PUR Projet, Second Life partners with international corporations to develop circular plastic supply chains that help clean the oceans. They empower local communities to operate long-term socio-environmental projects, especially Coastal areas of Bali, Indonesia and Mainland and island areas surrounding Krabi and Lamphun, Thailand.

Symrise is taking part in the project, with the aim of collecting and recycling plastic waste. With our contribution, 75 tons of plastic waste will be collected & recycled in 2022. This total amount was based on the utilization of plastic packaging in our site of Thailand.

100% of wastes collected will then be transformed and valued into reusable materials (bricks, gasoline, PET aggregates...) which are reusable locally or reintroduced into industrial supply chains to produce new plastic materials.  



At Symrise, we place sustainability at the center of our value chain. Our commitment to minimize our environmental impacts is one of our priority.

In this regard, in 2023 Thailand will continue as the pioneer site in APAC and to increase its efficiency, China and Australia will be the next countries to follow the movement.

Through the Zero Plastic project we aim to encourage other subsidiaries to follow.



[1] United Nations. (2022). World Oceans Day.