In animals, most of the metabolic pathways are induced by bioactive peptides coming from feed or being synthetized by the organism

We, at Symrise Aqua Feed, are able to leverage the most from nature by applying highly controlled hydrolysis process on marine raw materials.

The result is the production of specific peptides with bioactive properties.

Ingested Peptides

  • Appetite regulation
  • Osmoregulation
  • Growth and development
  • Protein synthesis
  • Energy and hameostasis

Absorbed Peptides

  • Immunity and survival
  • Antioxydative defences
  • Antimicrobial defences
  • Seafood quality
  • Endocrine status

Synthetized Peptides

  • Stress and behaviour
  • Reproduction
  • Metamorphosis and Molting
  • Ammonia excretion
  • Pigmentation
  • Other hormonal pathways

Besides existing documentation in human’s health, our Symrise Aqua Feed scientists have built up an extensive expertise by demonstrating peptide bioactive performances in vitro as well as in vivo. Our ingredients benefits on health are well documented, proving the efficiency of our solutions in all the major farmed fish and shrimp species.

The bioactivity demonstration is supported by applied sciences such as peptidomic, proteomic, genomic, transcriptomic and biological in vitro tests implemented by our R&D teams.