Symrise Aqua Feed, the expert in hydrolysis process technologies

meeting targeted products specifications for targeted benefits: health, nutritional and palatability 

We know how to orient and fine-tune hydrolysis process, modulating temperature, pH, time, enzymes, to yield the maximum of bioactive peptides out of the raw material protein.


Bioactive peptides for better performance

Bioactive peptides will module methabolic pathways to enhance physiological performance.


Hydrolysate process and characterization: getting the most of native proteins

Thanks to the use of enzymatic hydrolysis, our products yield the maximum of bioactive peptides from native proteins to enhance their palatable, nutritional and bioactive performances.


Symrise Aqua Feed, the expert in performance demonstration

continuously improving our products and customers services.

Our expertise and the performance of our functional ingredients and palatants are scientifically proven on all the major aquaculture species.

We are able to demonstrate palatability, health, and nutritional benefits for each of our ingredients, evaluating them in our own testing facilities and in a worldwide network of partners’ facilities.

We assess products on common zootechnical indicators such as survival, feed intake, growth rate, feed conversion, but we also control physiological and immune parameters to demonstrate (in vivo) functional ingredients bioactivity, using molecular biology and histological tools.