Lorena LOJA

Production Coordinator

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When did you start working in the company? What were your previous experiences (evolution within the company or outside)?

I have been in the Symrise Aqua Feed team for 5 years and in the food industry for 14 years. I started in the manufacturing process lines, from there, as part of my career plan I managed to move to the quality area where I had the opportunity to have a very comprehensive training. Then, I came to Symrise Aqua Feed as a shift leader, and I currently work as Production Coordinator.

Could you describe your job?

I am responsible for production planning, guaranteeing the best and effective management of the resources involved in it. I also supervise the compliance with volumes aligned with our safety and quality standards together with the team.

Could you tell us what is a typical day as a « Production Coordinator »?

I monitor production volumes and the weekly plan on a daily basis, take stock of current events or safety, quality and maintenance conditions. Thanks to this, we are able to carry out the corresponding management and support to minimize impacts on the processes. In addition, I maintain assertive and direct communication with the team of team leaders, in order to create relationships of trust and obtain total synergy between production processes.

How has your experience at Symrise Aqua Feed been so far?

When I started at Symrise, the aquaculture industry was completely new to me. I took up the challenge of moving from the quality sector to the production sector. It helped me to develop my skills and learn the process from another angle and the passion around this type of industry. Being a Shift Supervisor allowed me to get to know my work team and all the operators better. This was further reinforced with my current position, as Production Coordinator I am able to lead a very competent team with which we have grown a lot during all this time.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love interacting with the team! Be able to contribute positively to the growth of everyone, by creating commitments in people to push together the achievement of the company's objectives.

What are your passions in life?

Being a mom is my passion! And along with that, helping people has also given me the opportunity to get to know the essence of everyone I know.

Could you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

My strong voice! Positively, my tone of voice and my particular Guayaquil language are the perfect combination to reach operators.

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