Country Head of Finance

When did you start working in the company? What were your previous experiences (evolution in the company or outside)?

I started working in SPF (Symrise Pet Food) Thailand in July 2011 as Finance and Accounting Manager where I took care of both Pet Food and Aqua Feed businesses. In July 2022, I was promoted as Country Head of Finance where Thailand takes care for Symrise Thailand and SPF entity. Before joining SPF, I worked for 16 years: 12 years in accounting area and 4 years in contract management.

Could you describe your job?

I’m responsible for managing and overseeing the finance operation part and supporting management for both entities.

  • I oversee the financial operation like sales order to cash process, purchase to pay process, cash management, asset management to make sure the correctness, completeness and compliance to company policy, tax and related regulation.
  • I am responsible of monthly and yearly closing financial report, with variance analysis of margin and expenditure.
  • I provide budget.
  • I support management in terms of financial information for decision making.
  • I manage risks.

Could you tell us what is a typical day as a « Country Head of Finance »?

During the 1st to 2nd week of each month I will focus on month end closing which related to all financial report ie. PnL, BS, closing review, cash forecast, margin table, variance analysis, tax report.

After closing period, I meet with other team, to deal with stakeholder, problem solving, involving in regional or global project to make sure it is aligned.

What has your experience at Symrise Aqua Feed been so far?

I have gained a lot of experience. Aqua Feed business is like a journey. Sometimes it's successful but sometimes it does not meet our predictions or we face unexpected problems. However, one thing I am confident in is our team spirit. When we have any problem, we will share and support each other to solve it and go through together!

What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy the most is the culture and working environment. It’s like a family atmosphere. With kindness & open-mindedness, both dot line and solid line can have a good teamwork and support each other even in cross functions.

What are your passions in life ?

Travelling is my passion. I have not only had fun during those times, I also have learnt a lot of things from travelling. I learnt how to deal with different kind of people, face unexpected situations, try food, immerse myself in a different culture, see wonderful architectures and beautiful places... Those travels open my perspective to the world, give me energy and create inspiration in my life. I always get good things back to my work after travelling. 

Could you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I think I have a good memory with people, I’m able to pick up a conversation with people, remember where we went and what we did. But I have difficulties remembering people‘s face, if I have not seen a person for a long time or if they change something unexpected like new haircut, new glasses or change style of dressing, I may not recognize them. Because of that, I’m not confident to greet people first because in the past I could not recognize my colleague at a plant when she came in the Bangkok office. So I really appreciate if people introduce themselves at first.

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