QHSE Manager
Costa Rica

Could you describe your job?

I consider my job as a key activity because quality, safety and environment are main pillars for a company to success. Plus, they are motivating and integrating factors for workers, since these aspects are the objectives that guide all actions in organizations.

When did you join the company?

I joined Symrise Aqua Feed on July 15th, 2019. I have been in the same position for 2 years and 5 months at this Aqua Sea, working in quality, safety and environmental aspects of the company.

Could you tell us what is a typical day as a “QHSE Manager”?

Beginning in the morning with a plant inspection in different areas of the process reviewing safety and quality aspects, so that any risky situation that I observe can be communicated immediately to our team so those can be correct by production or maintenance.  Also, I review the quality results of the production, review and sign the registers.

To sum up, I extend quality certificates for clients (powder and oil). I Prepare and send samples to external laboratories. I program the weekly training for employees and update results for quality and safety program. Lastly, I join the daily operational meetings.

What has your experience at Symrise Aqua Feed been so far?

My experience has been very enriching in many aspects, since I learned new processes, I have acquired knowledge from people around the world, who are very attached to occupational safety.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

What I like the most is to see that the employees work safely, using the correct EPP, and when they give us new ideas to improve the efficiency of the process, or improvements ideas in their areas after a training. I truly believe that teamwork is what leads to business success.

What are your passions in life?

I love taking care of my family members! I also like to grow my own garden plants, see them born, growing and taking care of them. The simple fact of seeing them bloom and being able to harvest some fruits makes me happy.

Could you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

As strange as it may seem, I’m scared of caterpillars, they literally paralyze me.

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