Our vision & mission: where we stand

Symrise Aqua Feed is a key player in aqua ingredients supporting human's nutrition and health through the development of a sustainable aquaculture.

We help aquaculture players grow by providing natural and sustainable solutions for proven animal and feed performance.

Our History: where we come from

Symrise Aqua Feed comes from our Pet Food customers’ insight and our pioneer spirit and ability to think out of the box! As a world leader in organoleptic and nutritional solutions based on natural ingredients dedicated to Food, Pet Food, Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics industries, Diana Group naturally extended its expertise towards aquaculture when Pet Food customers requested palatants for aquafeed. From there, Diana started building its new aquaculture activity in 2006, hiring a PhD expert in fish nutrition as head of R&D, rapidly setting up a unique network of testing centers where all products performances could be verified and accurately evaluated.

AQUATIV was born!

Leveraging the financial, scientific, technical and industrial network resources of Diana, Aquativ quickly expanded all over the world developing functional hydrolysates in liquid and powder form from various sources of marine raw materials. Symrise Aqua Feed‘s team of experts is entirely dedicated to aquaculture’s related sciences including fish and shrimp nutrition and health to deliver the most performing ingredients to the aquaculture industry.

In 2016, Aquativ as a business unit changed its name, becoming Diana Aqua. 

In 2022, Diana Aqua announced company name change to Symrise Aqua Feed.

Today, Symrise Aqua Feed is part of Symrise Taste, Nutrition & Health, which encompasses all Diana activities as well as ADF/IDF and Probi. Within the Symrise Group - a global supplier of fragrances, flavors, food, nutrition and cosmetic ingredients – Symrise Taste, Nutrition & Health leverages the Group capabilities to provide advanced natural health & well- being nutrition solutions for the human food, pet food and aquafeed industries.

Our key milestones


Diana Aqua announces company name change to Symrise Aqua Feed


Opening of Aqualis in Asia, our in-house performance assessment facility for tilapia and shrimp


Creation of Diana Aqua as a Business Unit / Opening of Aqualis Latin America, our in-house performance assessment facility for shrimp


Acquisition of Diana by the German industrial group Symrise


Launch of products with proven health benefits


Opening of our production plants in Ecuador and Costa Rica


Opening of the first production plant based on marine co-products in partnership with TC Union


Identification of the first bioactive peptides


Inception of Aquativ on land based solutions for aquaculture / Commercialization of the first liquid proteins concentrates / Opening of the first testing center for performance characterization of our products in marine fish