Palatability enhancer for carnivorous fish | Palatability enhancer | Article October 20, 2022

Long-lasting effects of palatability enhancers on fish zootechnical performance are more visible in challenging conditions

— Palatability enhancer benefits have been demonstrated in several fish species and applications.

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Marine hydrolysates for omnivorous fish | Functional ingredients | Article October 1, 2022

A functional hydrolysate adds value to feeds for omnivorous fish species

— Omnivorous fish species are known to be less demanding in terms of nutritional and palatability requirements and yet dietary hydrolysate supplementation greatly improved production yields and margins.

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Global | Event September 12, 2022

Symrise Aqua Feed technical trip to France

— From August 30th to September 1st, Symrise Aqua Feed had the pleasure to welcome a group of Chilean and Norwegian fish farmers to France. It was the opportunity to introduce to them the Extrapal range (palatability enhancers for aquafeed) and to visit Aqualis, one of the three performance measurement centers in Brest (IFREMER).

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Marine hydrolysates for shrimp | Functional ingredients | Palatability enhancer | Article July 20, 2022

A functional protein hydrolysate to support better shrimp performance

— A cost-effective performance enhancer ingredient in shrimp feed formulation

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Global | Event | Sustainability June 2, 2022

Let's act together to save the oceans!

— At Symrise, we celebrate World Ocean Day to remind us that the oceans play a key role in our lives. We believe it is crucial to raise public awareness of their fundamental place in our ecosystem and the negative effects of human activity on them.

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Marine hydrolysates for shrimp | Functional ingredients | Scientific publication May 20, 2022

Marine protein hydrolysates as a substitute of squid-liver powder in diets for Pacific white shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

— Marine hydrolysate can be used as beneficial feed supplements or ingredients that could replace squid-liver powder in L. vannamei diet.

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Palatability enhancer for carnivorous fish | Palatability enhancer | Scientific publication May 11, 2022

Effects of dietary tuna hydrolysate supplementation on feed intake, growth performance, feed utilization and health status of Asian sea bass (Lates calcarifer) fed a low fish meal soybean meal-based diet

— Dietary supplementation of 2.5% tuna hydrolysate is sufficient to enhance the diet palatability, which can increase the replacement levels of fish meal protein with soybean meal up to 55% in a low fish meal soybean meal-based diet without negative impacts on feed intake and growth performance of juvenile Asian sea bass.

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Press Release | Global March 8, 2022

Diana Aqua announces name change to Symrise Aqua Feed

— The key player in producing functional ingredients and palatability enhancers that help aquafeed manufacturers to develop high performance feeds with reliable and proven solutions will operate under the name of Symrise Aqua Feed, effective January 1, 2022.

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